Saturday, 23 August 2008

Magazine and W.W. Update

Thanks to the lovely Kim Fee for pointing this out... I'm sooo blonde sometimes... I didn't even spot it, another card in the Cardmakers Yearbook 2009 gallery from the other day!! again the photo is not too good...
Hubby and I have just finished loading the car up for the Horley Car Boot Sale tomorrow morning so early rise for us (6.00am), have lots of craft stuff to sell if you're in the area....

W-W-Update.... stayed the same weight this week!! I get so frustrated with it sometimes!!!!
Have a nice Bank Holiday weekend everyone.
Edited to say, the English weather let us down this morning, although it's nice and sunny now, at 0600 this morning it was chucking it down!! so we went back to bed and will do the car boot tomorrow on Bank Holiday Monday now! weather forecast is good, so fingers crossed!


~JulieH~ said...

Wow Justine You're a star congrats again! This card is stunning I love it! Are you going to use your car boot proceeds for more craft goodies I do hope so!



Wendy Horrod said...

Well done Justine, it's good to see a fellow crafter in print. Good luck at the bootie!

Wendy xxx